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Smart Move: Economy of Motion for the Shooting Sports

Want to be faster and more efficient? Learn better movement tactics for practical shooting sports.

180 Firearms Training Podcast

Learn about/on a variety of topics from this diverse team – from match etiquette, IPSC v USPSA, vision training, decision training, how to grip and so much more.

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On the go? No problem, just listen to the podcast from this awesome team – on various firearms training topics.

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Put simply – if you have any desire to be a successful competitive shooter… TAKE THIS CLASS! I have taken the 2-day class twice

The 2-day class will open your eyes to inefficiencies you didn’t know you had! Kita Busse will watch you from your eyeballs to your toe nails and help you understand how to fix your ‘energy loss’ as she calls it and so much more, then watch you to be sure you understood. If you didn’t understand, she will explain again in different ways until you do. She is an amazing instructor with patience in abundance for students who have a desire to do better.

Kita will challenge you to push past barriers you didn’t know were holding you back!

Kita has literally trimmed MINUTES off my times and taught me techniques for shooting that will help me avoid injury in the future. I plan to play this game for a long time and with Kita’s help, I know I can! ~Ashley Sullivan

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