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Training you will understand from a superb shooter. ~Benjo Cario

I was lucky enough to watch about 90 minutes of a class this past weekend and was very impressed with these two! Not only are they talented on their own… but combining their skills is something you need to see first hand. I highly recommend a class or private lesson with 180 Firearms Training. Message them today to find a class this Fall. ~Donna DeLambert

I am the Director of Training at a shooting range, so I see a lot of instructor and their styles of teaching. Never have i ever encountered an instructor quite like Kita. Her attention to detail and focus on the individual student was outstanding. It is rare to find an instructor that takes the time to give you a detailed outline of what you can do to improve your skill sets. Personally I learned a lot and can not wait to apply it to this upcoming season. From dry fire to footwork to body position and much more, my head is overloaded with new and exciting information. Until you take her class you just can’t even imagine all the ways to shave seconds off your times. All in all I was extremely impressed at the amount of personal research she has put into her movement class. I honestly can’t say enough about it!!! Looking forward to booking her next class!!!! ~ Kris Stover

Kita is simply an awesome teacher! I was able to learn, understand and implement the correct moving technique and results were right there on the timer. Much faster and efficient! Top notch! Thank you! ~Peter Ryan
Amazing movement class! If you want to get to that next level in shooting, this is the class for you! ~Michelle Waldran
Kita does an excellent job of explaining the mechanics of movement and how to improve efficiency. Myself and everyone who attended the class achieved demonstrable results. When you go to a class with strangers and leave with friends, it’s a good class. ~Micah Pickett
Had a great match at Kentucky Sectional Championship, so I decided to reach out to my original movement coach (Kita) for a video analysis. I hadn’t worked with her in a couple years but her kinesiology for the sport is fantastic and I knew she could point some things out. The technical breakdown and tips from the analysis were even better than I had anticipated. What a truly phenomenal coach!
Thanks again Kita! Will talk to you soon! ~Robert Dunlevy
Put simply – if you have any desire to be a successful competitive shooter… TAKE THIS CLASS! I have taken the 2-day class twice and the 1-day class once. I plan to take the 1-day class again also.
The 2-day class will open your eyes to inefficiencies you didn’t know you had! Kita Busse will watch you from your eyeballs to your toe nails and help you understand how to fix your ‘energy loss’ as she calls it and so much more, then watch you to be sure you understood. If you didn’t understand, she will explain again in different ways until you do. She is an amazing instructor with patience in abundance for students who have a desire to do better.

The 1-day class will bring together a whole new mindset of shooting and up your game to the next level! Kita will challenge you to push past barriers you didn’t know were holding you back!

Kita has literally trimmed MINUTES off my times and taught me techniques for shooting that will help me avoid injury in the future. I plan to play this game for a long time and with Kita’s help, I know I can! ~Ashley Sullivan

Kita has a unique approach to training, which is obvious in the individual attention she gives to each student. I’ve seen a lot of instructors over the past 30 yrs or so, and there aren’t many that take the time to understand how each student learns; She fits that bill; I would rank Kita right up there with Ted Puente, former Milwaukee Police Academy Senior Instructor, and one of the best firearms instructors to walk this planet. ~Mark Quinn

I highly recommend and was very impressed with the training. In just a few hours of efficiency of movement training I saw my times drop significantly, and accuracy on target increase! Great instructor, patient and professional, I will attend future trainings. Thank you!  ~Vincent Norris

I️ set up a class in KC last weekend. We had everything from C class shooters to GM. We all made gains and learned things to shave precious seconds off our stage times. Highly recommended a class with Kita and James.  ~Jared Fox

Kita is a great teacher. Had the good fortune to be in a class with her a couple of years ago, and she was very good at breaking things down and giving detailed advice, such as on movement (e.g., getting into and out of shooting positions), and was very patient in explaining things. You’ll learn a lot from her! ~Jet Vincenzo

WOW! I took the class as a Master Production shooter and I was amazed to say the least! I was doing the math (I HATE MATH😂) and this is the fastest path to higher Hit Factors bar none (IMHO😀)! She immediately took 15% off of our times on just the first day!

Assuming I got all points (😜) on a 100 point stage and my time was 20 seconds? 5HF… She shaves of 15% or 3 seconds? 5.8 HF and I shoot at the same pace as the 20 second run😳 Just moving more efficiently!! I’m sold and will be in her next class in the area! ~Kent Higginbotham

By far the best movement class there is! Everybody that took the class has already shown awesome improvement. From beginners to GM’s everybody can benefit from kitas class. We look forward to having her back again! Kita we miss you!! Lol ~Dennis Solarsky
180 Firearms Movement Master Class perfect for any kind of level shooters! Unique and Efficient! ~Dmitri Eemann
I always struggled with my shooting in the sense of moving fast and shooting a bad score or shooting well but having an awful stage time. Kitas course was the eye opener that helped me put all that together. Kita is a true coach in every sense of the word. When I took her class it felt like overnight I was catapulted forward in my skill level. She can dissect and correct problems you have even when you are providing limited info.
I highly recommend her class to anyone you wants to be able to move to the next level in their shooting. ~Grant Chancellor-Maddison

I would highly recommend going to a class, it was very eye opening on how much wasted movement I was doing. It’ll take a while to implement, but in just a short class there was significant improvement.  ~Billy York

Kita is an amazing coach/instructor. With her instruction, I learned how much time I was leaving behind and how to fix those issues. I gained more confidence in myself and learned beyond just movement – she was able to figure out fundamental accuracy issues that I was having just through observation and fix that as well. She truly is a mind reader.

I feel that I finally got a better grasp of all things practical shooting through her class and I am planning on attending again next year to confirm I’m on still on the right track. ~Kyle Kim

Kita is an amazing instructor. Her knowledge is impressive. she uses unique and effective techniques in her training. She far exceeded my expectations of the class. 5 stars!! ~Karina Draghi

Had a two hour movement class with Kita and learned a lot. Her training is really aimed at competition shooters who are looking to shave off those last one or two seconds per stage. She does a great job explaining efficiency with movement and providing drills to take home with you. Drink water!  ~Josh Cobb

All this time, I never knew how to practice movement until after the class. Kita is best coach! ~Jae Ahn
Just wow, i took Kita’s class in Brisbane Australia. i knew there was going to be some good information in this course but I never expected this much. if you’ve done some shooting classes before, this course complements and takes those skills to the next level. this is a a great course for anyone looking to get to the next level. ~Mark Wilton
Finished up a two day uspsa movement class with @kitabusse. This class was absolutely spectacular. Kita is one incredible instructor to the point that I’ll even say if you are series about shooting USPSA, 3 Gun or any similar sport and you don’t take this class that you will be left in the dust in the next few years. She’s literally raising the standards of the entire sport. I saw shooters who had awesome stage runs cut those times down by 30-50% after just applying even a minuscule amount of what she had thought us. I’ve highlighted a few. In a sport where the best are separated by often only tenths or even hundredths of a second someone who can, in the course of a single day, find ways that have saved some of us 2,5,10 seconds is monumental. I was actually starting to move around the stage so much faster that I was genuinely shocked that I had made it to the other side and could start shooting so soon that the first time I did it I was not mentally prepared for it at all. The closest comparison I can make is having Einstein teaching you physics. So do I recommend taking a class? Unless you are exceptional at teaching yourself, if you want to win major matches this class is basically a mandatory requirement in your training. ~Evan Daire
Can say enough. I’m fairly new to competition shooting. Working with Kita the other day. Was full of information and steps. Everything I was shown made perfect sense. What I was shown worked right away as long as I did it the way I was told and shown. I will have more lessons for my self an if my daughter wants to complete she will also have lesson. ~ Charles Bartles

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We were lucky enough to be able to host @kitabusse and Pixie when they were in Texas for a class. We really enjoyed getting to know them as people and not just shooters. They are awesome and so much fun!!!
Kita’s class is one of the best investments you will ever make to improve your shooting. I learned so much! Kita sets up a stage in one bay and drills in a second bay. You and another shooter rotate on the drills so you get lots of repetitions. Then you go back over to the stage and apply what you learned to the stage. Not much down time! Kita knows what you are thinking as you run a drill and can help you understand how you should think and how to better execute the technique she is teaching!
One day 1, I was able to knock off 4 seconds on my stage. On day 2 we ran a different stage and I was able to knock off 3 seconds. I ran the stage in 19 seconds which is the fastest I’ve run ANY stage EVER!!
Not only do you learn the movement concepts that will shave seconds off your time, Kita focuses on your specific “low hanging fruit”, and gives you drills designed to address those areas to help you trim off even more time!
I can’t wait to take Kita’s Advanced class and I plan to take private coaching from her too! Can’t say enough about her coaching and methods! And the best thing is you can take her class over and over and will always learn something new because she is evaluating you and your skills at that moment.
TAKE HER CLASS!! You won’t be disappointed!
Just call me fan girl! 🤩
~Kim Hall

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