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Want Kita to Review Your Videos or Video Chat Train? 

Video Reviews

Coach Kita Busse offers video reviews on movement in which she slows them down, voices over them so there is no reading involved, and draws lines and angles right on the videos themselves. The video review is followed up with personalized drills made just for you to attack your lowest hanging fruit to take the most time off your courses of fire. It works best to upload 3 videos that include your whole body to Dropbox and share to The cost is $75 USD.

Online Coaching

Coach Kita Busse offers online coaching via video chat. You can discuss any issues you’ve been having and she will give you individualized drills or exercises to work on those issues. She can also watch you dry fire to provide diagnoses and make adjustments to your training as needed. The cost is $50 USD per hour.


How to Pay

You can pay via Venmo (@KiteBusse) or Zelle with no additional fees.  You also may pay via Paypal but will need to add 3% to your registration fees to cover the fees that PayPal charges.  Paypal can be paid via

Finished up a two day uspsa movement class with @kitabusse. This class was absolutely spectacular. Kita is one incredible instructor to the point that I’ll even say if you are series about shooting USPSA, 3 Gun or any similar sport and you don’t take this class that you will be left in the dust in the next few years. She’s literally raising the standards of the entire sport. I saw shooters who had awesome stage runs cut those times down by 30-50% after just applying even a minuscule amount of what she had thought us. I’ve highlighted a few. In a sport where the best are separated by often only tenths or even hundredths of a second someone who can, in the course of a single day, find ways that have saved some of us 2,5,10 seconds is monumental. I was actually starting to move around the stage so much faster that I was genuinely shocked that I had made it to the other side and could start shooting so soon that the first time I did it I was not mentally prepared for it at all. The closest comparison I can make is having Einstein teaching you physics. So do I recommend taking a class? Unless you are exceptional at teaching yourself, if you want to win major matches this class is basically a mandatory requirement in your training.
~Evan Daire

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