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Want to be faster and more efficient? Learn better movement tactics for practical shooting sports.

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Kita helped me with my field courses in March of 2017. At the time I had decent stand and shoot skills and short / medium courses. Around that time I was consistently tracking 75% of local GM’s in production – losing most of the match points on the long/large field courses. With Kita’s help understanding how I was managing my weight on the move I was able to significantly reduce my field course times and am now tracking at about 85% of the local GM’s. My average runs went from 4-5 seconds off the pace to 1-2 seconds off the pace – sadly that last 1-2 seconds is largely resulting from make up shots due to shooting skill – but I am working to fix that! Kita is also a great stage designer so the example stages she will set up are challenging and often fun – presenting varied approaches. I wish some of my local USPSA clubs made stages half as good as hers.
~David Thm

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