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 180 Firearms Training / Coach Kita Busse has partnered with IPSC South Africa’s Grant Chancellor-Maddison and New Jersey PCC shooter Mike Seiffert to bring to you the 180 Firearms Training Podcast.

We discuss various shooting, coaching and gear related topics. 

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Interview with movement coach Kita Busse (USA) from 180 Firearms Training at IPSCStore.

Coach Kita Busse had the pleasure of being on The Shooter’s Mindset, Episode 269, check it out.

Kita teaches how to move effectively and efficiently while maximizing your ability to maintain a solid shooting platform. Author of “Smart Move: Economy of Motion for the Shooting Sports” and owner of 180 Firearms Training, Kita travels the world teaching the economy of motion and how to improve your speed and accuracy in movement.

Kita Movement Class: Derek Giddings vs Jessica Hook

Coach Kita Busse had the pleasure of being on The Shooter’s Mindset, Episode 208, check it out.

If you feel you could use some pistol firearms training, you owe it to yourself to check out 180 Firearms Training. James and Kita will have a program to fit your needs. From classes covering basic pistol fundamentals and skills, to conceal carry, to a comprehensive two-day course covering competitive USPSA pistol training, efficiency of movement and stage breakdown. Additionally, they offer courses for junior Shooters, ladies, and private instruction as well.

Kita is an expert in an explaining efficiency of movement in competitive shooting scenarios, and helping you apply that skill in real life. Kita will teach you to shave off seconds of time while negotiating her tough ‘Kita stages’, which are courses of fire she designed so that you must incorporate a variety of movement skill sets. In USPSA competition the winner has the best combination of speed and accuracy. Kita will teach you ways to shave valuable seconds off your stage times by utilizing those skill sets. In addition to her expertise and movement training, Kita is a NRA accredited CCW instructor. Kita has travelled the world teaching movement training to many elite shooters of various disciplines.

James de Lambert is a competitive pistol shooter that began competing at 10 years of age. James achieved the rank of USPSA Grandmaster in production division at age 15, and recently achieved the rank of Grandmaster in Steel Challenge, at 18 years of age. James competes at a competitive level nationally in USPSA events. James will help you become a better all-around shooter, competitor, and assist you in learning the valuable skill of stage breakdown. James has a gift for finding and fixing those little issues that may be holding back your potential to become a better shooter.
~Bob DeLambert

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