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The two day Smart Move class is $450 plus range/supply fee. It covers various footwork for position exit and entry, shooting on the shift with a hitch step, stage planning for flow of motion, the movement portion of transitions, resistance training for explosive movement, the Quiet Eye vision training based on research by Joan Vickers, and more! (600 rounds)

The two day Train Smart class is the application of the footwork learned in the Smart Move class. The Smart Move class is a prerequisite unless you are an M or GM shooter. It’s $450 plus range/supply fee. It covers practice under pressure, how to set your goals and make a training plan, how to train using decision training, variable practice and random practice. There are mini competitions. Moving targets and eye movement. Risk vs. reward based on hit factor, and much, much more. (600 rounds)

Supplies include two bays that allow for side berm impacts. A classroom is nice but not required (I do have a PowerPoint for the Train Smart class). Walls, barrels, fault lines, steel, target stands, sticks, one box of metric targets (USPSA classes) and 5-10 classic targets, pasters, two timers, access to water and some form of bathroom facility. The Smart Move class requires a 20 pound weight vest or plate carrier and two 10 pound dumbbells. The Train Smart class requires a swinger and one half size target.

The class limit is 8 students. They can pay via PayPal to using the family and friends option so I don’t get hit with a fee. I can also accept Venmo and Zelle. Half of the class fee is due 3 months prior to the date of the class. Payment reserves a slot, no refunds if the class takes place.

Finished up a two day uspsa movement class with @kitabusse. This class was absolutely spectacular. Kita is one incredible instructor to the point that I’ll even say if you are series about shooting USPSA, 3 Gun or any similar sport and you don’t take this class that you will be left in the dust in the next few years. She’s literally raising the standards of the entire sport. I saw shooters who had awesome stage runs cut those times down by 30-50% after just applying even a minuscule amount of what she had thought us. I’ve highlighted a few. In a sport where the best are separated by often only tenths or even hundredths of a second someone who can, in the course of a single day, find ways that have saved some of us 2,5,10 seconds is monumental. I was actually starting to move around the stage so much faster that I was genuinely shocked that I had made it to the other side and could start shooting so soon that the first time I did it I was not mentally prepared for it at all. The closest comparison I can make is having Einstein teaching you physics. So do I recommend taking a class? Unless you are exceptional at teaching yourself, if you want to win major matches this class is basically a mandatory requirement in your training.
~Evan Daire

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